Class HTMLSourceInfo

  • public class HTMLSourceInfo
    extends java.lang.Object
    The HTML source information.
    Christopher Mindus
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      Nested Classes 
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      class HTMLSourceInfo.Config
      Internal class for information.
    • Method Detail

      • getConfig

        public HTMLSourceInfo.Config getConfig​(boolean isLocal,
                                               boolean isDevel)
        Gets the config.
        isLocal - The local location flag, true means iiziRun or iiziGo, false means browser (including localhost).
        isDevel - The development version flag.
        The configuration to use.
        Throws: - If the file is no longer present or fails to re-load.
      • isCompressedConfigPresent

        public boolean isCompressedConfigPresent​(boolean isLocal)
        Checks if a compressed config is present. This method is used to test for compressed files availability in a development environment. For production environment, this method would generally return true always.
        isLocal - Flag for local (true for iiziRun), false for remote.
        true If there are compressed files available in web root directory.