Interface IWSUploader

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    public interface IWSUploader
    Interface used to handle uploads to the server from a client, e.g. profile images. In order to be able to accept an upload from a client, it must beforehand be registered by a client session to get a IWSUploaderAcceptor instance. This instance is required to perform validation if upload is enabled and of what is being uploaded and to where.
    Christopher Mindus
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      • isFileUploadEnabled

        boolean isFileUploadEnabled()
        Checks if file upload is enabled or not.
        The upload enablement flag, false by default.
      • getMaximumUploadFileSize

        int getMaximumUploadFileSize()
        Returns the maximum size of any uploaded file in MB.
        The file size in MB, default 50 MB.
      • getFileUploadStagingDirectory

        java.lang.String getFileUploadStagingDirectory()
        Gets the upload directory where files are placed in a staging area.
        The directory name, relative the server's current directory.