Class VSStateEvent

    • Constructor Detail

      • VSStateEvent

        public VSStateEvent​(IVSComponent source,
                            IVSComponentState.State state,
                            boolean stateValue,
                            GProp<?> trigger)
        Constructs the event for a change event with a property being the trigger source, e.g. an UIButton or UICheckBox.
        source - The source.
        state - The state that changed.
        stateValue - The new state value.
        trigger - The trigger property.
    • Method Detail

      • getSource

        public IVSComponent getSource()
        Gets the VirtualSpace item that is the source of the event, i.e. the item that changes selection state.
        getSource in class BaseEvent<IVSComponent>
        The VSComponent with the selection state changed.
      • getStateValue

        public boolean getStateValue()
        Returns the state value that changed.

        For IVSComponentState.State.MESSAGE the value is the validity flag, i.e. validity = true means no message.

        The new component state value.