Interface IVirtualizedMonitorProp

    • Method Detail

      • getCNCategory

        int getCNCategory()
        Gets the category of this Common Navigator object, used for sorting.
        This method returns zero, i.e. no category.
      • getCNImage getCNImage()
        Gets the image for the Common Navigator.
        Image or null if there is no image.
      • getCNText

        java.lang.String getCNText()
        Gets the label text for the Common Navigator.
      • getCNStyledText

        default org.eclipse.jface.viewers.StyledString getCNStyledText()
        Gets the styled text.
      • getCNDescriptionType

        java.lang.String getCNDescriptionType()
        Provide a type description for the status bar view, if available.
        A type description for the status bar view, or null if not available.
      • getPropertyEditorSetup

        default PropertyEditorSetup getPropertyEditorSetup()
        Gets the Setup used for iiziGo, subclasses must override and provide their instance.
        null by default, i.e. DesignerProp should be used.