Interface ICommitRefactoring

  • public interface ICommitRefactoring
    Interface used to listen to Refactoring Commit events for Module projects.
    Christopher Mindus
    • Method Detail

      • onCommitRefactoring

        void onCommitRefactoring​(int bitValue)
        Called when a Commit Refactoring is performed.

        To check if a certain action has been performed for the requested operation, call ProjectManager.RefactoringOperation.hasBeenPerformed(bitValue).

        To check if any action of a certain group has been performed for the requested operation, call ProjectManager.RefactoringGroup.hasBeenPerformed(bitValue).

        When this method is called, the current thread is the SWT thread and no particular workspace or resource locks are held. Do not run lengthy processes here, this method is called quite often and should complete VERY quickly. If a lengthy task is required, spawn it off using a Job.

        There are two groups of RefactoringOperation, first one related to properties, and the second to resources. The list is as follows:

        1. PROPERTY_ADDED - property added,
        2. PROPERTY_RENAMED - property renamed,
        3. PROPERTY_REMOVED - property removed,
        4. CONTAINER_ADDED - container added,
        5. CONTAINER_RENAMED - container renamed,
        6. CONTAINER_REMOVED - container removed,
        7. FILE_ADDED - file added,
        8. FILE_RENAMED - file renamed,
        9. FILE_CHANGED - file changed (contents, markers, etc).
        10. FILE_REMOVED - file removed,
        11. FOLDER_ADDED - folder added,
        12. FOLDER_RENAMED - folder renamed,
        13. FOLDER_REMOVED - folder removed,
        14. PROJECT_OPEN - project open (always fired at project rename),
        15. PROJECT_CLOSE - project close (always fired at project rename),
        16. PROJECT_RENAME - project rename.
        17. PROJECT_SETTINGS_CHANGE - project settings changed, e.g. Java source folder path(s).
        bitValue - The bit value.