Class DropInfo

  • public class DropInfo
    extends java.lang.Object
    Class holding information about the drop from the JavaScript client.
    Christopher Mindus
    • Field Detail

      • panelEditor

        public final PanelEditor panelEditor
        The Panel Editor instance.
      • isLink

        public final boolean isLink
        Operation is a link.
      • isCopy

        public final boolean isCopy
        Operation type: true=copy, false=move.
      • comps

        public final UIComp[] comps
        The components.
      • rects

        public final[] rects
        The original location of the components.
      • parentRects

        public final[] parentRects
        The original location of the original parent components.
      • mouseX

        public final int mouseX
        Mouse positions.
      • mouseY

        public final int mouseY
        Mouse positions.
      • orgMouseX

        public final int orgMouseX
        Mouse positions.
      • orgMouseY

        public final int orgMouseY
        Mouse positions.
      • clientX

        public final int clientX
        Location of container client area.
      • clientY

        public final int clientY
        Location of container client area.
      • clientCX

        public final int clientCX
        Location of container client area.
      • clientCY

        public final int clientCY
        Location of container client area.
      • isWizardEditingRequested

        public final boolean isWizardEditingRequested
        Wizard editing requested of the dropped property.
    • Method Detail

      • getTargetContainer

        public UIContainer getTargetContainer()
        Gets the target container.
        The container for the drop.