Interface IUIBuilder

    • Method Detail

      • getUIBuildComponents

        UIComp[] getUIBuildComponents()
        Returns the UI components built with the builder.
      • getBuildDescription

        java.lang.String getBuildDescription​(IEUIContainer cnr)
        Returns the UI builder description of what it creates. This description is used in the tree (if there is a single build choice), or in the wizard page if there are many that can be chosen from to build the same component.
        cnr - The container target.
        The description.
      • canBuild

        boolean canBuild​(IEUIContainer container,
                         org.eclipse.core.runtime.IAdaptable source)
        Returns if this property container could potentially be link capable.

        This call is done many times during drag-drop and must be very fast and not cause too much garbage collection.

        container - The target container.
        source - The adaptable source.
        true if the builder supports building with the data.
      • addSubOperations

        void addSubOperations​(IEUIContainer container,
                              org.eclipse.core.runtime.IAdaptable source,
                              java.util.Collection<UIBuilderSubOperation> subOps)
        Adds the operation node(s) for presentation in the link wizard main page. This method is called only if the builder supports the adaptable component.
        container - The container.
        source - The adaptable source.
        subOps - The build sub-operations.