Class TestUserProfileStringURN

  • public class TestUserProfileStringURN
    extends java.lang.Object
    Test for UserProfileStringURN. This test requires the current directory to be configured as would be a server, i.e. to the root of the server, a subdirectory "./db" where the Derby database is located, and the server configuration file at "./conf/config.iiziServer". The Derby database server is started if not already running.

    The following profile strings are tested:

    • {@link URNProfileUserString#Title}: Title (Mr., Mrs., Ms., Dr., Prof., Baron, Baroness, etc),
    • {@link URNProfileUserString#FullName}: Full name,
    • {@link URNProfileUserString#LastName}: Last name,
    • {@link URNProfileUserString#MiddleName}: Middle name,
    • {@link URNProfileUserString#FirstName}: First name,
    • {@link URNProfileUserString#LocalizedTitle}: Localized title (Mr., Mrs., Ms., Dr., Prof., Baron, Baroness, etc),
    • {@link URNProfileUserString#LocalizedFullName}: Localized full name,
    • {@link URNProfileUserString#LocalizedLastName}: Localized last name,
    • {@link URNProfileUserString#LocalizedMiddleName}: Localized middle name,
    • {@link URNProfileUserString#LocalizedFirstName}: Localized first name,
    • {@link URNProfileUserString#PinCode}: Pin code,
    • {@link URNProfileUserString#FixedPassword}: Fixed password flag (true/false),
    • {@link URNProfileUserString#RecoveryQuestion}: Recovery question,
    • {@link URNProfileUserString#RecoveryAnswer}: Recovery answer,
    • {@link URNProfileUserString#CompanyName}: Company name,
    • {@link URNProfileUserString#CompanyDivision}: Company division,
    • {@link URNProfileUserString#JobTitle}: Job title,
    • {@link URNProfileUserString#Address}: Address line 1,
    • {@link URNProfileUserString#Address_2}: Address line 2,
    • {@link URNProfileUserString#Address_3}: Address line 3,
    • {@link URNProfileUserString#Address}+"_NN": Address line NN where NN is a value between 2 to 99,
    • {@link URNProfileUserString#ZipCode}: Zip code,
    • {@link URNProfileUserString#City}: City,
    • {@link URNProfileUserString#StateProvince}: State or Province,
    • {@link URNProfileUserString#Country}: Country,
    • {@link URNProfileUserString#Email}: IZS-Email,
    • {@link URNProfileUserString#AdditionalEmail}: Additional email,
    • {@link URNProfileUserString#AdditionalEmail}+"NN": Additional email NN, where NN is a value between 2 and 99,
    • {@link URNProfileUserString#Phone}: Phone number,
    • {@link URNProfileUserString#Phone_2}: Phone number 2,
    • {@link URNProfileUserString#Phone}+"_NN": Phone number NN, where NN is a value between 2 and 99,
    • {@link URNProfileUserString#HomePhone}: Home phone number,
    • {@link URNProfileUserString#HomePhone}+"_NN": Home phone number NN, where NN is a value between 2 and 99,
    • {@link URNProfileUserString#HomeMobile}: Home mobile number,
    • {@link URNProfileUserString#HomeMobile}+"_NN": Home mobile number NN, where NN is a value between 2 and 99,
    • {@link URNProfileUserString#HomeFax}: Home fax,
    • {@link URNProfileUserString#HomeFax}+"_NN": Home fax NN, where NN is a value between 2 and 99,
    • {@link URNProfileUserString#WorkPhone}: Work phone number,
    • {@link URNProfileUserString#WorkPhone}+"_NN": Work phone number NN, where NN is a value between 2 and 99,
    • {@link URNProfileUserString#WorkMobile}: Work mobile number,
    • {@link URNProfileUserString#WorkMobile}+"_NN": Work mobile number NN, where NN is a value between 2 and 99,
    • {@link URNProfileUserString#WorkFax}: Work fax number,
    • {@link URNProfileUserString#WorkFax}+"_NN": Work fax number NN, where NN is a value between 2 and 99,
    • {@link URNProfileUserString#DeveloperID}: Developer ID,
    • {@link URNProfileUserString#DeveloperGroupID}: DevelGroupID.
    Christopher Mindus
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        public TestUserProfileStringURN()
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        public static void main​(java.lang.String[] args)
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