Interface IHostFieldData

  • public interface IHostFieldData
    Interface to implement for custom classes for the field processing used to getting/setting host field and providing conversion/mapping/translation support.
    Christopher Mindus
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      • convertFromVSField

        default java.lang.String convertFromVSField​(HostSession hostSession,
                                                    ScreenFieldProp screenField,
                                                    VSField vsField,
                                                    java.lang.String stringValue)
        Converts a single string from the VSField (or its value) to a host string that will be set. This method can be called frequently and should be very fast.
        hostSession - The host session.
        screenField - The screen field.
        vsField - The VirtualSpace field.
        stringValue - The String value of the VSField, already translated.
        The String to set the screen host field with, or null to avoid setting anything. The default is to return the stringValue.