Interface IVSActionProcessComplete

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    public interface IVSActionProcessComplete
    extends WorkerTaskEnded<VSAction,​VSActionTXProcess,​java.lang.Throwable>
    Interface call when the VSAction TX process completes.
    Christopher Mindus
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      • onActionCompleted

        void onActionCompleted​(VSAction action,
                               VSActionTXProcess process,
                               java.lang.Throwable exception)
        Called after the action completes the TXP processing i.e. all its Action Actor calls. This method is called regardless of success or failures. It can be used to check the state of the process.
        action - The VS action.
        process - The completed process.
        exception - Potential exception thrown in the TX process, null for none.
      • onTaskEnded

        default void onTaskEnded​(WorkerTask<VSAction,​VSActionTXProcess,​java.lang.Throwable> task)
        Called when the worker task has completed. The VSAction worker task does not provide a return code, it is Void. To get the task exception in case of failure call task.getException() depending on the task completion state. Note: this function is called also when a task is cancelled.
        Specified by:
        onTaskEnded in interface WorkerTaskEnded<VSAction,​VSActionTXProcess,​java.lang.Throwable>
        task - The task that has ended.