Class UIPanelPartCnr

    • Constructor Detail

      • UIPanelPartCnr

        public UIPanelPartCnr()
        Creates the container without name with a null value.
      • UIPanelPartCnr

        public UIPanelPartCnr​(Atom propertyAtom)
        Creates the container with the specified name with a null value.
        propertyAtom - the property atom.
    • Method Detail

      • isContextMenuSupported

        public boolean isContextMenuSupported()
        Returns if the context menu is supported for this component or not.
        Specified by:
        isContextMenuSupported in interface IUIContextMenuOwner
        false as the Panel Part Container does not support context menus.
      • hasImplicitAlignFillX

        public boolean hasImplicitAlignFillX()
        Returns if the component has implicit component horizontal fill.
        hasImplicitAlignFillX in class UIContainer
        Always true: true means component will always fill the space in X.
      • hasImplicitAlignFillY

        public boolean hasImplicitAlignFillY()
        Returns if the component has implicit component vertical fill.
        hasImplicitAlignFillY in class UIContainer
        Always: true means component will always fill the space in Y.
      • onPropParentChanged

        protected void onPropParentChanged​(PropCnr oldParent,
                                           PropCnr newParent)
        Called when the parent is changed for this class. The proxy is started if required.
        onPropParentChanged in class GProp<GProp<?>[]>
        oldParent - The old parent (or null if none).
        newParent - The new parent (or null if none).
      • onResolved

        public void onResolved​(UIPanelPart panelPart)
        Called when the panel part reference has been resolved.
        Specified by:
        onResolved in interface IPanelPartReferenceOwner
        panelPart - The target reference.
      • onPropDispose

        protected void onPropDispose()
        Called when a property is disposed of by delete/remove in a container, or by the dispose method.
        onPropDispose in class UIComp
      • onBroken

        public void onBroken​(UIPanelPart panelPart)
        Called when the panel part reference has been broken, i.e. unresolved.
        Specified by:
        onBroken in interface IPanelPartReferenceOwner
        panelPart - The target reference.
      • virtualize

        protected GProp<?> virtualize​(IAppSessionGyro appGyro,
                                      IClientSessionGyro clientGyro,
                                      VirtualSpace virtualSpace,
                                      PropCnr virtualizedProp)
                               throws java.lang.CloneNotSupportedException,
        Call this method to "virtualize" a property tree. This method is used at runtime in the Server for the application session of virtual instances of VirtualSpace, but also virtual instances of panels, for the individual client session. The VirtualSpace is virtualized once for the application session and is shared for parallel client sessions.

        This method is similar to cloning, but enables references that are already resolved to remain if they point to a shared instance, e.g. the VirtualSpace pointing to its participants in the application property container shared instance, or a panel with references to text IDs, assets, etc.

        It is up to the property class to handle this by overriding this method.

        virtualize in class PropCnr
        appGyro - The application gyro instance performing the virtualization.
        clientGyro - The client gyro session, can be null if not initialized from the client gyro.
        virtualSpace - The virtualized VirtualSpace.
        virtualizedProp - The property being virtualized.
        The virtualized property.
        java.lang.CloneNotSupportedException - If a subclass doesn't allow cloning, e.g. the client properties.
        PropException - For property errors during the virtualization.