Class PWAPropCnr

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    EventListener, IGProp<GProp<?>[]>, IPropCnr, java.lang.Cloneable

    public class PWAPropCnr
    extends PropCnr
    Container for Progressive Web App's (PWA).
    Christopher Mindus
    • Constructor Detail

      • PWAPropCnr

        public PWAPropCnr()
        Creates a PWAPropCnr container without name and with a null value.
      • PWAPropCnr

        public PWAPropCnr​(Atom propertyAtom)
        Creates a PWAPropCnr container with the specified name with a null value.
        propertyAtom - the property atom.
    • Method Detail

      • clone

        public PWAPropCnr clone()
        Creates a clone out of this property. The cloning is overridden by the subclasses in order to handle cloning of its class variables appropriately.

        Cloning is used for "virtualization" of a property tree in the server. Client property classes will therefore throw CloneNotSupportedException.

        Once a tree has been cloned, the change-flag is reset, and the create-flag is set. All listeners are also removed! The new cloned property is an orphan, i.e. has no parent set. All children properties are also (deep) cloned.

        Note that the cloning process is done WITHOUT thread synchronization for performance reasons, thus no modifications should be done to the tree!

        clone in class PropCnr