Interface ISelectorOwner

    • Method Detail

      • getSelectorReference

        default SelectorReference getSelectorReference()
        Gets the Selector owned by this property container.
      • getSelector

        default Selector getSelector()
        Gets the Selector owned by this property container.

        The method first attempts to use the resolved mechanism of getting the selector. If this has failed or has not been resolved yet, the property tree will be used to search for it. The latter is, of course, slower.

        The Selector instance, or null if not found.
      • isSelectorSelected

        default boolean isSelectorSelected​(EnvProps envProps)
        Verifies if the owned selector causes this owner property container to be selected or not.
        envProps - The Client Environment Properties for the Client connections.
        true if selected or a Selector is undefined, false if unselected or the Selector reference is not resolved.
      • hasSelector

        default boolean hasSelector()
        Checks if a selector is present for the folder.
        true if a Selector is present, false otherwis.e