Class KStringEvent

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    public class KStringEvent
    extends BubbleEvent
    The KString refactoring event that indicates that the KString has been refactored and needs updating the KStringProp property with a new KString.
    Christopher Mindus
    • Constructor Detail

      • KStringEvent

        public KStringEvent​(IKStringHolder<?> property,
                            KStringEvent.Operation operation)
        Constructs a new property event.
        property - The property instance being changed or initialized.
        operation - The operation required.
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      • getKStringHolder

        public IKStringHolder<?> getKStringHolder()
        Gets the event owner. The owner is the one the message relates to e.g. the property for value change or the property being added or removed for property container events.
        The Generic Property for the event, the source, or originator.