Interface ExtensionDeserializer

    • Method Detail

      • unmarshall

        ExtensibilityElement unmarshall​(java.lang.Class parentType,
                                        javax.xml.namespace.QName elementType,
                                        org.w3c.dom.Element el,
                                        Definition def,
                                        ExtensionRegistry extReg)
                                 throws WSDLException
        This method deserializes elements into instances of classes which implement the ExtensibilityElement interface. The return value should be explicitly cast to the more-specific implementing type.
        parentType - a class object indicating where in the WSDL document this extensibility element was encountered. For example, javax.wsdl.Binding.class would be used to indicate this element was encountered as an immediate child of a <wsdl:binding> element.
        elementType - the qname of the extensibility element
        el - the extensibility element to deserialize
        def - the definition this extensibility element was encountered in
        extReg - the ExtensionRegistry to use (if needed again)