Class SimpleTypeSet

  • public class SimpleTypeSet
    extends TypeSet
    A very simple TypeSet. The contains method returns true if the set explicitly contains an instance of the specified XSType.
    Ryan Shoemaker, Sun Microsystems, Inc.
    • Constructor Summary

      Constructor Description
      SimpleTypeSet​(java.util.Set s)  
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      boolean contains​(XSType type)
      Return true if this TypeSet contains the specified type.
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    • Constructor Detail

      • SimpleTypeSet

        public SimpleTypeSet​(java.util.Set s)
    • Method Detail

      • contains

        public boolean contains​(XSType type)
        Description copied from class: TypeSet
        Return true if this TypeSet contains the specified type. Concrete implementations of this method determine what it means for the TypeSet to "contain" a type.
        Specified by:
        contains in class TypeSet
        type - the type
        true iff this TypeSet contains the specified type