Interface XSType

    • Method Detail

      • getBaseType

        XSType getBaseType()
        Returns the base type of this type. Note that if this type represents xs:anyType, this method returns itself. This is awkward as an API, but it follows the schema specification.
        always non-null.
      • getDerivationMethod

        int getDerivationMethod()
      • isSimpleType

        boolean isSimpleType()
        Returns true if this instanceof XSSimpleType.
      • isComplexType

        boolean isComplexType()
        Returns true if this instanceof XSComplexType.
      • listSubstitutables

        XSType[] listSubstitutables()
        Lists up types that can substitute this type by using xsi:type. Includes this type itself.

        This method honors the block flag.

      • getRedefinedBy

        XSType getRedefinedBy()
        If this XSType is redefined by another type, return that component.
        null if this component has not been redefined.
      • getRedefinedCount

        int getRedefinedCount()
        Returns the number of complex types that redefine this component.

        For example, if A is redefined by B and B is redefined by C, A.getRedefinedCount()==2, B.getRedefinedCount()==1, and C.getRedefinedCount()==0.

      • asSimpleType

        XSSimpleType asSimpleType()
        Casts this object to XSSimpleType if possible, otherwise returns null.
      • asComplexType

        XSComplexType asComplexType()
        Casts this object to XSComplexType if possible, otherwise returns null.
      • isDerivedFrom

        boolean isDerivedFrom​(XSType t)
        Returns true if this type is derived from the specified type.

        Note that t.isDerivedFrom(t) returns true.