Interface XSSchema

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    public interface XSSchema
    extends XSComponent
    Schema. Container of declarations that belong to the same target namespace.
    Kohsuke Kawaguchi (
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      • getTargetNamespace

        java.lang.String getTargetNamespace()
        Gets the target namespace of the schema.
        can be empty, but never be null.
      • getAttributeDecls

        java.util.Map<java.lang.String,​XSAttributeDecl> getAttributeDecls()
        Gets all the XSAttributeDecls in this schema keyed by their local names.
      • iterateAttributeDecls

        java.util.Iterator<XSAttributeDecl> iterateAttributeDecls()
      • getAttributeDecl

        XSAttributeDecl getAttributeDecl​(java.lang.String localName)
      • iterateElementDecls

        java.util.Iterator<XSElementDecl> iterateElementDecls()
      • getElementDecl

        XSElementDecl getElementDecl​(java.lang.String localName)
      • iterateAttGroupDecls

        java.util.Iterator<XSAttGroupDecl> iterateAttGroupDecls()
      • getAttGroupDecl

        XSAttGroupDecl getAttGroupDecl​(java.lang.String localName)
      • iterateModelGroupDecls

        java.util.Iterator<XSModelGroupDecl> iterateModelGroupDecls()
      • getModelGroupDecl

        XSModelGroupDecl getModelGroupDecl​(java.lang.String localName)
      • iterateTypes

        java.util.Iterator<XSType> iterateTypes()
      • getType

        XSType getType​(java.lang.String localName)
      • getSimpleTypes

        java.util.Map<java.lang.String,​XSSimpleType> getSimpleTypes()
        Gets all the XSSimpleTypes in this schema.
      • iterateSimpleTypes

        java.util.Iterator<XSSimpleType> iterateSimpleTypes()
      • getSimpleType

        XSSimpleType getSimpleType​(java.lang.String localName)
      • iterateComplexTypes

        java.util.Iterator<XSComplexType> iterateComplexTypes()
      • getComplexType

        XSComplexType getComplexType​(java.lang.String localName)
      • getNotations

        java.util.Map<java.lang.String,​XSNotation> getNotations()
        Gets all the XSNotations in this schema.
      • iterateNotations

        java.util.Iterator<XSNotation> iterateNotations()
      • getNotation

        XSNotation getNotation​(java.lang.String localName)
      • getIdentityConstraint

        XSIdentityConstraint getIdentityConstraint​(java.lang.String localName)
        Gets the identity constraint of the given name, or null if not found.
      • getSourceDocument

        SchemaDocument getSourceDocument()
        Since this method always returns null, if you are calling this method from XSSchema and not from XSComponent, there's something wrong with your code.
        Sine an XSSchema is not necessarily defined in one schema document (for example one schema can span across many documents through <xs:include>s.), so this method always returns null.
        Specified by:
        getSourceDocument in interface XSComponent
        null for components that are built-in to XML Schema, such as anyType, or "empty" XSContentType. This method also returns null for XSSchema. For all other user-defined components this method returns non-null, even if they are local.
      • getRoot

        XSSchemaSet getRoot()
        Gets the root schema set that includes this schema.
        Specified by:
        getRoot in interface XSComponent
        never null.