Interface XSRestrictionSimpleType

    • Method Detail

      • iterateDeclaredFacets

        java.util.Iterator<XSFacet> iterateDeclaredFacets()
        Iterates facets that are specified in this step of derivation.
      • getDeclaredFacets

        java.util.Collection<? extends XSFacet> getDeclaredFacets()
        Gets all the facets that are declared on this restriction.
        Can be empty but always non-null.
      • getDeclaredFacet

        XSFacet getDeclaredFacet​(java.lang.String name)
        Gets the declared facet object of the given name.

        This method returns a facet object that is added in this type and does not recursively check the ancestors.

        For those facets that can have multiple values (pattern facets and enumeration facets), this method will return only the first one.

        Null if the facet is not specified in the last step of derivation.
      • getDeclaredFacets

        java.util.List<XSFacet> getDeclaredFacets​(java.lang.String name)
        Gets the declared facets of the given name. This method is for those facets (such as 'pattern') that can be specified multiple times on a simple type.
        can be empty but never be null.