Interface IServerApplicationSetupProvider

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    PluginActivator, PluginActivator, PluginDescriptor

    public interface IServerApplicationSetupProvider
    Interface implemented by the principal plug-in properties to provide information for a Server configuration of the application. E.g. the Database would use the Connection Profile settings, the Web Service uses Proxy information, the Terminal uses Terminal properties.

    When an application starts, all set-up instances are queried to gather the setup's required. In order for the application to function in the Server, a default configuration must be provided. This default configuration can be overridden by specifying an alternate name for the configuration in question. The configurations are then initialized.

    Christopher Mindus
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      • getServerApplicationSetupInstances

        IServerApplicationSetup[] getServerApplicationSetupInstances​(PropCnr moduleRoot)
        Queries for instances of the IServerApplicationSetup required. This call makes it possible to redirect the query to other properties. Most plug-ins would have a single instance.
        moduleRoot - The root of the Module application.
        The IServerApplicationSetup instances that is participating in the setup.