Interface IServerApplicationSetup

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    ConnectionProfilesSetup, EditorConnectionProfilesSetup, EditorSessionsProp, SessionsProp

    public interface IServerApplicationSetup
    Interface implemented by the principal plug-in properties to provide information for a Server configuration of the application. E.g. the Database would use the Connection Profile settings, the Web Service uses Proxy information, the Terminal uses Terminal properties.
    Christopher Mindus
    • Method Detail

      • getID

        java.lang.String getID()
        Gets the ID of the setup.
        The ID. The ID should start with the plug-in ID and be concatenated with an additional sub-ID in case of multiple setup's in the same plug-in.
      • getDescription

        java.lang.String getDescription()
        The description.
        A descriptive string of the setup.
      • getSetupPropertyContainers

        java.util.List<IServerApplicationSetupPropCnr> getSetupPropertyContainers​(PropCnr moduleRoot)
        Gets the list of property containers that describes the setup required. The names of these property containers are relevant. This method is only called in the Designer, thus the default returns an empty list.
        moduleRoot - The root of the Module application.
        The list of setup property containers for the Designer, not used in the Server.
      • getDefaultName

        java.lang.String getDefaultName​(PropCnr moduleRoot)
        Gets the name of the default property container name in case of multiple property containers. This name will be used when an alternate application setup is not specified for the setup ID.
        moduleRoot - The root of the Module application.
        The name of the default setup property container for the Designer, not used in the Server (so default null is returned).