Class VirtualizedMonitorPropCnr

    • Field Detail

      • DEBUG

        public static boolean DEBUG
        Very verbose output.
      • monitor

        protected IVirtualizedMonitor monitor
        The server monitor interface, null when not a monitor (i.e. end-point in server).
    • Constructor Detail

      • VirtualizedMonitorPropCnr

        public VirtualizedMonitorPropCnr()
        Constructor for transactions.
      • VirtualizedMonitorPropCnr

        public VirtualizedMonitorPropCnr​(Atom atom,
                                         IVirtualizedMonitor monitor)
        Constructor for monitor.
    • Method Detail

      • requestServerPlugins

        public void requestServerPlugins()
        Requests the list of plug-ins registered with the server and all the applications it is running.
      • requestBrowsableClients

        public void requestBrowsableClients()
        Request the list of clients that are browsable. The PropMgr owner must be an instance of IVirtualizedMonitor to get the callback when request has completed.
      • onPropDispose

        protected void onPropDispose()
        Called when a property is disposed of by delete/remove in a container, or by the dispose method.

        This call is done just at the end of the delete/remove routine in the container, without synchronization.

        onPropDispose in class PropCnr