Interface IGyroFocusEngineOwner

  • All Known Implementing Classes:
    AppSessionGyro, ClientSessionGyro

    public interface IGyroFocusEngineOwner
    Interface to call the Gyro instance at focus change.
    Christopher Mindus
    • Method Detail

      • onFocusChanged

        void onFocusChanged​(IFocusComp newComp,
                            IFocusComp oldComp,
                            IGProp<?> trigger,
                            boolean isRemoteInduced,
                            boolean isInternal)
        Called when focus changes.
        newComp - New focus component.
        oldComp - Old focus component.
        trigger - The trigger property, null for none.
        isRemoteInduced - If the event is remote induced.
        isInternal - The internal flag as specified in the setFocus method to the focus engine.
      • onFocusVetoChange

        void onFocusVetoChange​(FocusEvent event)
                        throws FocusVetoException
        Called to perform veto.
        event - The focus event, InternalFocusEvent perhaps.
        FocusVetoException - When the focus is veto'ed.