Interface IUIBounds

  • public interface IUIBounds
    Interface implemented by components in the Designer to return the pixel bounds.
    Christopher Mindus
    • Method Detail

      • getProp

        <GP extends IGProp<?>> GP getProp​(Atom atom,
                                          java.lang.Class<GP> clazz)
        Gets the property with the atom name and checking the class instance of the property. An error message is logged if the class is not matching.
        atom - the atom of the property to locate in this property container.
        clazz - the class the property must be or extend, null for no checking.
        GProp the property or null for uninitialized container or the property with specified name is not found, or the class type is not an instance of the specified class.
      • getBounds

        default GRect getBounds()
        Gets the current bounds of the component relative the "page" document.
        The rectangle, or null if not yet defined.