Interface IReferrerParticipant

    • Method Detail

      • isParticipating

        default boolean isParticipating​(EnvProps envProps)
        Checks if the owner of the reference is participating.
        envProps - The Client Environment instance of the current client connection.
        The participation state, by default true.
      • isPrimaryParticipant

        default boolean isPrimaryParticipant()
        Checks if this participant is primary or not. A primary participant is chosen in the selection processing when multiple participants are ordered in a ReferralsHolder.
        The default implementation returns true.
      • getParticipantDescription

        java.lang.String getParticipantDescription()
        Returns the given description of the referrer participant.
      • getParticipantType

        java.lang.String getParticipantType()
        Returns the given type of the referrer participant.