Interface IPropReference

    • Method Detail

      • onReferenceEvent

        void onReferenceEvent​(PropReference reference,
                              IPropReference.ReferenceChangeEvent event,
                              GEvent triggerEvent)
        Called when a property reference event occurs. The events are ReferenceChangeEvent.FOUND, FOUND_WRONG_CLASS, RENAMED, MOVED, NEW_PROPERTY, BROKEN.

        Trigger GEvent's are: PROP_RENAMED, PROP_CNR_RENAMED or PROP_PROJECT_RENAMED for "RENAMED", PROP_DISPOSED for DISPOSED. The PROP_RESOLVE_REFERENCES can sometimes cause the trigger event to be set.

        reference - The property reference object.
        event - The event.
        triggerEvent - The event that triggered this reference event, null for none.
      • isReferenceValid

        boolean isReferenceValid​(GProp<?> property)
        Validates the property reference that has been looked up.
        property - The property to validate.
        true if valid, false otherwise.
      • getReferenceDescription

        java.lang.String getReferenceDescription()
        Gets a short description of this reference, e.g. "VirtualSpace" or "Label For".
        The reference description string.