Interface IClassReferenceOwnerUpdates

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    public interface IClassReferenceOwnerUpdates
    Interface implements by a property container that contains ClassReference's in order to be notified that a change in class occurred that could require re-checking/validation.

    This interface is typically used in the Designer but is placed in the Core package because it may have to be implemented by a Core property container.

    Christopher Mindus
    • Method Detail

      • onClassReferenceChanged

        void onClassReferenceChanged​(ClassReference classReference)
        Called when class reference changed.
        classReference - The class reference that changed.
      • onClassRefactored

        void onClassRefactored​(ClassReference classReference,
                               java.lang.String oldName,
                               java.lang.String newName)
        Called for rename refactoring.
        classReference - The class reference that changes.
        oldName - The old name.
        newName - The new name.