Class ParentCnrMoveEvent

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    public class ParentCnrMoveEvent
    extends SinkEvent
    Event used to send to all children of a moved container in a sinking non-bubbling form.
    Christopher Mindus
    • Constructor Detail

      • ParentCnrMoveEvent

        public ParentCnrMoveEvent​(PropCnr movedContainer,
                                  Atom oldAtom,
                                  PropCnr oldContainer)
        Constructs a new move event for a property that is moved and renamed at the same time. This event is typically used for drag-drop scenarios where the target accepts the moved items but there is a name-clash that is resolved by changing the name during the move operation from the old to the new container.
        movedContainer - The property container instance being moved.
        oldAtom - The old name of the property.
        oldContainer - The old container that used to house the property container.
    • Method Detail

      • getOldAtom

        public Atom getOldAtom()
        Gets the old Atom, i.e. the old name of the property container before the move.
        The old Atom.
      • getOldContainer

        public PropCnr getOldContainer()
        Gets the old property container.
        The old property container.
      • isVerifyEvent

        public boolean isVerifyEvent()
        Returns if this event is a verify event for a container that processes verification.
        isVerifyEvent in class GEvent
        true always.
      • paramString

        protected java.lang.StringBuilder paramString​(java.lang.StringBuilder buf)
        Returns the parameter string representing the state of this event. This string is useful for debugging. Super classes adds extra information to the string by preceding it with a comma followed by the extra information.
        paramString in class GEvent
        buf - The StringBuilder to append the string to.
        The StringBuilder, i.e. the buf input parameter.