Class ParentCnrAddedEvent

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    public class ParentCnrAddedEvent
    extends SinkEvent
    Event used to send to all children of an added container in a sinking non-bubbling form.
    Christopher Mindus
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      • ParentCnrAddedEvent

        public ParentCnrAddedEvent​(int eventID,
                                   PropCnr addedContainer,
                                   boolean isRemoteInduced)
        Constructs a new added event for a property container that is added.
        eventID - The event ID, see GEvent.PROP_*.
        addedContainer - The property container instance being moved.
        isRemoteInduced - Flag indicating this change is induced from a remote party.
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      • getContainer

        public PropCnr getContainer()
        Gets the container that is added or removed (same as getSource()).