Interface IPostEventProcessing

    • Method Detail

      • addPostProcessor

        void addPostProcessor​(EventListener postProcessor)
        Adds a post-event processor that will be called when the event has completed its notification process. This method can be called at any time during the event notification phase, but calls to this method when post-processing is executing is not going to change the post-processors, thus will the postProcessor not be called.

        Note: the post-processors are called no matter if the event has been canceled, so the processor may have to check the cancel state.

        Calling this method with the same postProcessor more than once does not add it again.

        postProcessor - Processor to add.
        java.lang.NullPointerException - If the postProcessor is null.
      • setInitialProperty

        void setInitialProperty​(GProp<?> initialDispatcher)
        Assigns the initial sender property that should perform post processing of events. This method should only be called from the initial GProp that sends the event the first time. This is done from the GProp.onEvent method and should not be called elsewhere.
        initialDispatcher - The initial dispatcher.
      • getPostProcessors

        EventListener[] getPostProcessors​(GProp<?> dispatcher)
        Gets the post-processors.
        dispatcher - The property retrieving the post-processors, null for none.
        An array of the post-processors to call after all normal event notification, null for none.