Interface IResultSetProcessor

  • public interface IResultSetProcessor
    Interface implemented by a Result Set processor for database transactions executing an SQL query statement that produces a result set.
    Christopher Mindus
    • Method Detail

      • onResultSetCreated

        IResultSetRowProcessor onResultSetCreated​(ResultSetProps rsProps,
                                                  java.sql.ResultSet rs)
                                           throws java.sql.SQLException
        Method called when the result set is created, before rows are processed.

        The method should return a class instance implementing IResultSetRowProcessor that is in turn called for every row in the result set.

        rsProps - The result set properties.
        rs - The SQL ResultSet instance.
        The instance of the row processor that will process all rows, or null in order not to process the rows.
        java.sql.SQLException - In case of SQL exceptions.