Interface ITransactionProcessor

    • Method Detail

      • onConnection

        void onConnection​(SessionTransMgr manager)
        Called when a connection is established.
      • processTransaction

        void processTransaction​(SessionTransMgr manager,
                                ReadTransaction trans)
        Process incoming transaction that itself can consist of several sub-transactions.

        Management transaction are not present here, but GConstants.TRANS_NEXT_SERIAL that should call manager.onNextSerialTransaction();.

        trans - The transaction to process.
      • onPause

        void onPause​(SessionTransMgr manager)
        Called when a connection is paused.
      • onReconnected

        void onReconnected​(SessionTransMgr manager)
        Called when a connection is reconnected.
      • onDisposed

        void onDisposed​(SessionTransMgr manager)
        Called when a connection is disposed of.