Class BarcodeURNFactory

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    public class BarcodeURNFactory
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements IURNProvider
    Barcode provider for iizi URN's.

    Barcode URN's are encoded in iizi as:


    where the valid types are (in lower case):

    • AZTEC *,
    • CODABAR,
    • CODE_39,
    • CODE_93,
    • CODE_128,
    • DATA_MATRIX *,
    • EAN_8,
    • EAN_13,
    • ITF,
    • PDF_417 *,
    • QR_CODE *,
    • UPC_A; and
    • UPC_E.

    The types marked with an asterisk '*' are two dimensional. Generally all barcodes needs a width and height to be displayed properly.

    Christopher Mindus
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      Modifier and Type Method Description
      static BarcodeURNFactory getInstance()
      Returns the singleton instance of the barcode URN factory.
      NID getNID()
      Gets the Naming IDentifier of the provider.
      java.util.List<URNResourceType> getResourceTypes()
      Gets the URN Resource Type supported by the provider.
      static void initialize​(URNFactory factory)
      Initializes the barcode URN factory.
      URN parse​(java.lang.String urnString, java.lang.String nss, java.lang.String req, java.lang.String query, java.lang.String fragment)
      Parses the URN after the NID specification, i.e.
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    • Method Detail

      • initialize

        public static void initialize​(URNFactory factory)
        Initializes the barcode URN factory.

        This method is not intended to be called by user code, the system will handle it.

        factory - The URN factory instance.
        java.lang.RuntimeException - If this method is called twice for the same URN provider.
      • getInstance

        public static BarcodeURNFactory getInstance()
        Returns the singleton instance of the barcode URN factory.
        The barcode URN factory instance.
      • getResourceTypes

        public java.util.List<URNResourceType> getResourceTypes()
        Gets the URN Resource Type supported by the provider.
        Specified by:
        getResourceTypes in interface IURNProvider
        There are no supported resource types for the barcode, so an empty list is returned.
      • parse

        public URN parse​(java.lang.String urnString,
                         java.lang.String nss,
                         java.lang.String req,
                         java.lang.String query,
                         java.lang.String fragment)
                  throws URNException
        Parses the URN after the NID specification, i.e. after "urn:NID:".
        Specified by:
        parse in interface IURNProvider
        urnString - The full unparsed original URN string.
        nss - The NSS part of the string (before request/query/fragment).
        req - The decoded request String (without "?+"), null for none.
        query - The decoded query String (without "?="), null for none.
        fragment - The decoded fragment, null for none.
        The URN instance.
        URNException - For URN exceptions.