Class EditorOutputVariables

    • Constructor Detail

      • EditorOutputVariables

        public EditorOutputVariables()
        Creates the property container without a name. The name must be set in all cases using the setPropertyAtom call.
      • EditorOutputVariables

        public EditorOutputVariables​(Atom propertyAtom)
        Creates the property container with the specified name. All system-reserved names for components begins with "$".
        propertyAtom - the name of the component, unique within it's parent.
    • Method Detail

      • getVariables

        public EditorOutputVariable[] getVariables()
        Gets the output variables.
        getVariables in class VSVariables
        The array of defined variables, in no special order (i.e. unordered array).
      • getCNImage

        public getCNImage()
        Gets the image for the Common Navigator.
        Specified by:
        getCNImage in interface IWSPropDesigner
        Image or null if there is no image.
      • getCNText

        public java.lang.String getCNText()
        Gets the label text for the Common Navigator.
        Specified by:
        getCNText in interface IWSPropDesigner
        The text.
      • getCNDescriptionType

        public java.lang.String getCNDescriptionType()
        Provide a type description for the status bar view, if available.
        Specified by:
        getCNDescriptionType in interface IWSPropDesigner
        A type description for the status bar view, or null if not available.
      • createCNToolTip

        public org.eclipse.swt.widgets.Composite createCNToolTip​(org.eclipse.swt.widgets.Composite parent)
        Creates a tooltip for the result set.
        Specified by:
        createCNToolTip in interface IWSPropDesigner
        parent - The parent composite.
        The created composite in the parent.
      • verify

        public void verify​(PropVerification verification)
        Verifies this property container. The check performed is the extension of classes and that no circular reference is present.
        Specified by:
        verify in interface IGProp<GProp<?>[]>
        verify in class PropCnr
        verification - The property verification class.