Class PluginApplicationUI

  • public class PluginApplicationUI
    extends java.lang.Object
    The Plug-in ApplicationUI instance holds the various images loaded from Image Descriptors and can be used as SWT Images directly, as well as other SWT allocated object such as colors.
    Christopher Mindus
    • Field Detail

      • imageWebService

        public final imageWebService
      • imageWebServiceActor

        public final imageWebServiceActor
      • imageRequest

        public final imageRequest
      • imageReply

        public final imageReply
      • imageInputVariable

        public final imageInputVariable
      • imageRun

        public final imageRun
      • imageJSON

        public final imageJSON
      • imageXML

        public final imageXML
      • imageXMLDocument

        public final imageXMLDocument
      • imageXMLElement

        public final imageXMLElement
      • imageURL

        public final imageURL
      • imageDocumentTree

        public final imageDocumentTree
      • imageReplyProcessor

        public final imageReplyProcessor
      • imageVariables

        public final imageVariables
      • imageBoolean

        public final imageBoolean
      • imageNumber

        public final imageNumber
      • imageString

        public final imageString
      • imageArray

        public final imageArray
      • imageObject

        public final imageObject
      • imageNull

        public final imageNull
      • imageFlag

        public final imageFlag
      • imageOutputVariable

        public final imageOutputVariable
      • imageOutputTable

        public final imageOutputTable
      • imageOutputColumn

        public final imageOutputColumn
      • imageOuptutVariableIdentification

        public final imageOuptutVariableIdentification
      • imageOuptutColumnIdentification

        public final imageOuptutColumnIdentification
      • imageSOAPInputMessage

        public final imageSOAPInputMessage
      • imageSOAPOutputMessage

        public final imageSOAPOutputMessage
      • imageSOAPMessageHeader

        public final imageSOAPMessageHeader
      • imageSOAPMessageBody

        public final imageSOAPMessageBody
      • imageSOAPMessagePart

        public final imageSOAPMessagePart
      • imageSOAPMessageFaults

        public final imageSOAPMessageFaults
      • imageSOAPMessageFault

        public final imageSOAPMessageFault
      • imageXSDElementDeclaration

        public final imageXSDElementDeclaration
      • imageXSDComplexType

        public final imageXSDComplexType
      • imageXSDBuiltInSimpleType

        public final imageXSDBuiltInSimpleType
      • imageXSDSimpleType

        public final imageXSDSimpleType
      • imageXSDListSimpleType

        public final imageXSDListSimpleType
      • imageXSDUnionSimpleType

        public final imageXSDUnionSimpleType
      • imageXSDModelGroupAll

        public final imageXSDModelGroupAll
      • imageXSDModelGroupChoice

        public final imageXSDModelGroupChoice
      • imageXSDModelGroupSequence

        public final imageXSDModelGroupSequence
      • imageXSDWildcardElement

        public final imageXSDWildcardElement
      • imageXSDEnumerationFacet

        public final imageXSDEnumerationFacet
      • imageXSDFractionDigitsFacet

        public final imageXSDFractionDigitsFacet
      • imageXSDLengthFacet

        public final imageXSDLengthFacet
      • imageXSDMaxExclusiveFacet

        public final imageXSDMaxExclusiveFacet
      • imageXSDMaxInclusiveFacet

        public final imageXSDMaxInclusiveFacet
      • imageXSDMaxLengthFacet

        public final imageXSDMaxLengthFacet
      • imageXSDMinExclusiveFacet

        public final imageXSDMinExclusiveFacet
      • imageXSDMinInclusiveFacet

        public final imageXSDMinInclusiveFacet
      • imageXSDMinLengthFacet

        public final imageXSDMinLengthFacet
      • imageXSDPatternFacet

        public final imageXSDPatternFacet
      • imageXSDTotalDigitsFacet

        public final imageXSDTotalDigitsFacet
      • imageXSDWhiteSpaceFacet

        public final imageXSDWhiteSpaceFacet
    • Method Detail

      • getInstance

        public static PluginApplicationUI getInstance()
        Gets the instance of the ApplicationUI. The first time this is done, it must be from the SWT thread, otherwise an InternalError is thrown.
        The singleton.
      • getImage

        public getImage​(java.lang.String fileName)
        Gets an Image from a file name.
        fileName - The file name loads a descriptor from the "icons" folder.
        The image, or null if not found.
      • getImage

        public getImage​(org.eclipse.jface.resource.ImageDescriptor descriptor)
        Loads the image for an Image Descriptor and caches it. It will be disposed of when the plug-in exits.
        descriptor - The Image Descriptor or null if none.
        The image created, null for none or when Image Descriptor is null.