Class VSLinkInfo<VSCOMP extends IVSComponent>

    • Constructor Detail

      • VSLinkInfo

        public VSLinkInfo()
    • Method Detail

      • getVSClass

        public abstract java.lang.Class<VSCOMP> getVSClass()
        Returns the class used for linking.
        VirtualSpace.class, VSTable.class, VSColumnHEader.class, VSField.class or VSAction.class.
      • isAlreadyLinked

        protected abstract boolean isAlreadyLinked​(PropCnr target,
                                                   VSCOMP component)
        Verifies if the component has been linked already.
        target - The target for linking.
        component - The component.
        true if already handled by this link info.
      • getAlreadyLinkedMessage

        protected java.lang.String getAlreadyLinkedMessage()
        Returns the message a component is already linked.
        E.g. "Component is already linked" (default).
      • getNoComponentsMessage

        protected java.lang.String getNoComponentsMessage()
        Returns the message when no components apply to this.
        E.g. "No linking operation remains to perform" (default);
      • isMultipleComponentsSupported

        protected abstract boolean isMultipleComponentsSupported()
        Returns if the linker implementation supports multiple components or a single one.
        true if multiple components can be handled, or false for a single one in the list of components for the runOperation(PropCnr, ArrayList, VSSubLinkInfo, PropCnr, ComplexOperation) operation.
      • isSkipDialogAllowed

        protected boolean isSkipDialogAllowed()
        Returns if the dialog box always should be displayed, regardless of the "skip dialog" setting.
        true to enable dialog to be skipped (default), or false to force display.
      • getSubOperations

        protected VSSubLinkInfo getSubOperations()
        Returns the sub-operations for the operation. This method is called when the dialog box is displayed to perform user-selection of what should be done.
        null (default) for no sub-operations, otherwise the instance.
      • getOperation

        protected abstract java.lang.String getOperation​(PropCnr target,
                                                         VSCOMP component)
        Returns the operation that linking will produce.
        target - The target for linking.
        component - The component to link.
        The text inserted to the table.
      • runOperation

        protected abstract PropCnr runOperation​(PropCnr target,
                                                java.util.ArrayList<VSCOMP> components,
                                                VSSubLinkInfo subOperations,
                                                PropCnr mainContainer,
                                                ComplexOperation op)
        Runs the main operation.
        target - The target for linking.
        components - The component to link.
        subOperations - Sub-operations to execute, null for none.
        mainContainer - The main container from a parent operation, null for main operation.
        op - The complex operation.
        Potential property container created, for use in sub-operations.