Interface IScreenRectangle

    • Method Detail

      • mustWrap

        boolean mustWrap()
        Check if the rectangle must wrap (for host fields).
      • getX

        int getX()
        Gets the X position.
      • getY

        int getY()
        Gets the Y position.
      • getWidth

        int getWidth()
        Gets the width.
      • getHeight

        int getHeight()
        Gets the height.
      • getRectangle getRectangle()
        Gets the Rectangle.
      • setRectangle

        void setRectangle​( r)
        Sets the Rectangle.
      • getColorType

        int getColorType()
        Gets the type for colors, see the PluginPreference.TERM_RECTANGLE_TYPES.
      • getRectInfo

        ScreenRectangleInfo getRectInfo()
        Gets the screen rectangle info object. One is allocated if not present.
      • saveRectInfo

        void saveRectInfo​(ScreenRectangleInfo rectInfo)
        Saves the screen rectangle info object.
      • isShown

        boolean isShown()
        Checks if shown on screen.
      • isVerifiedSuccessfully

        boolean isVerifiedSuccessfully()
        Checks for verification success.
      • createToolTip

        org.eclipse.swt.widgets.Composite createToolTip​(org.eclipse.swt.widgets.Composite parent,
                                                        ITermEditor editor)
        Creates the tooltip composite.