Interface ITermEditor

    • Method Detail

      • updateToolStates

        void updateToolStates()
        Updates tool states.
      • getMarkingConstraints getMarkingConstraints()
        Gets the marking constraints.
        null for none.
      • isHotSpotEnabled

        boolean isHotSpotEnabled()
        Check for hotspot enabled.
      • isCursorPresent

        boolean isCursorPresent()
        Cursor present (and blinking)?
      • getTerminalComposite

        TerminalComposite getTerminalComposite()
        Gets the terminal composite.
      • getViewer

        org.eclipse.jface.viewers.TreeViewer getViewer()
        Gets the viewer.
      • getHostSession

        HostSession getHostSession()
        Gets the HostSession.
      • isTooltipTextShown

        boolean isTooltipTextShown()
        If tool tips are shown.
      • onDoubleClick

        void onDoubleClick​(int x,
                           int y)
        Marks the host field.
      • paint

        void paint​(java.awt.Graphics2D g,
                   int leftMargin,
                   int topMargin,
                   int cxFont,
                   int cyFont,
                   int cxFontReal,
                   int cyFontReal,
                   int cxScreen,
                   int cyScreen,
        Paints the Graphics once the screen is drawn, before the cursor.