Class PatternPropEditor

    • Constructor Detail

      • PatternPropEditor

        public PatternPropEditor()
    • Method Detail

      • create

        protected void create()
        Creates the property editor controls.
        create in class KStringPropEditor
      • setInput

        protected boolean setInput​(java.lang.String input)
        Updates the entry or visible part in the editor with a new property value that is not in error state. The default implementation updates the combo box or text with the value.toString() representation. The existing input should be checked for difference in order not to update the entry if not required. If the input is null, it means no change of the current input the user has made or was previously set.
        setInput in class BaseEditor<KStringProp,​KString>
        input - The new input, or null for no change.
        true for changed, false for no change.
      • onFocusGained

        protected void onFocusGained()
        Upon focus gained, the selection of an entry field is selected fully and for a combobox, cursor is placed first.
        onFocusGained in class BaseEditor<KStringProp,​KString>
      • onFocusLost

        protected void onFocusLost()
        Called when focus is lost. The control can set the selection to the beginning of the field to show the text.
        onFocusLost in class BaseEditor<KStringProp,​KString>
      • setToolTipText

        protected void setToolTipText​(java.lang.String msg)
        Sets the tooltip text. The default is to apply the getToolTipText() text to the edit control.
        setToolTipText in class KStringPropEditor
        msg - Message in tooltip (normally error), null for none, in which case the getToolTipText2() is used.
      • onDoubleClick

        protected void onDoubleClick​(org.eclipse.swt.widgets.Event e)
        Called when mouse is double-clicked in the text or combobox. Overridden to check if Goto reference is enabled, and if so goes there.
        onDoubleClick in class KStringPropEditor
      • showDialogBox

        protected void showDialogBox​(boolean doRich)
        Shows the raw text dialog box.
        showDialogBox in class KStringPropEditor