Class ClassReferencePropEditor

    • Field Detail

      • requiredInterface

        protected java.lang.String requiredInterface
        The required interface, or null for none.
    • Constructor Detail

      • ClassReferencePropEditor

        public ClassReferencePropEditor()
        Default constructor called before createControls.
    • Method Detail

      • onDoubleClick

        protected void onDoubleClick​(org.eclipse.swt.widgets.Event e)
        Called when mouse is double-clicked in the text or combobox. Overridden to check if Goto reference is enabled, and if so goes there.
        onDoubleClick in class BaseEditor<EditorClassReference,​java.lang.String>
      • createJava

        protected void createJava()
        Creates a new Java class.
      • selectJava

        protected void selectJava​(boolean all)
        Selects a class from the project (or its classpath), but .java files as parsed sources.
      • addInterface

        protected void addInterface()
        Add interface.
      • addAnnotation

        protected void addAnnotation()
        Add interface.
      • gotoJava

        protected void gotoJava()
        Goto Java class definition.
      • onMore

        public void onMore()
        Called when the "more..." button is pressed, or to resolve the type for tooltip.
        onMore in class BaseEditor<EditorClassReference,​java.lang.String>
      • getToolTipText

        protected java.lang.String getToolTipText()
        Gets the tooltip text to display in the entry fields (not the one for property errors or validator).
        Specified by:
        getToolTipText in class BaseEditor<EditorClassReference,​java.lang.String>
      • getValue

        protected java.lang.String getValue​(java.lang.String input)
        Gets the property value for a user input.
        Specified by:
        getValue in class BaseEditor<EditorClassReference,​java.lang.String>
        input - The current user input.
        The property value for the input, or null to un-define the property.
      • setCurrentValue

        public void setCurrentValue​(java.lang.String value)
        Sets the current value and overrides it in order to build the tooltip.
        setCurrentValue in class BaseEditor<EditorClassReference,​java.lang.String>