Class PasteFeedback.DropValidationFeedback

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    public static final class PasteFeedback.DropValidationFeedback
    extends PasteFeedback
    Specialized class for validation "paste" where drop could take place in multiple places, e.g. in target, before target or after target.
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      • options

        public final int options
        Valid options for paste.
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      • DropValidationFeedback

        public DropValidationFeedback​(int options)
        Creates a drop validation feedback with possible drop options, a bit mask that must consist of at least one of the values:
        • DND.FEEDBACK_SELECT = The item under the cursor is selected; applies to table and trees.
        • DND.FEEDBACK_INSERT_BEFORE = An insertion mark is shown before the item under the cursor; applies to trees.
        • DND.FEEDBACK_INSERT_AFTER = An insertion mark is shown after the item under the cursor; applies to trees.
        options - One or more of the DND.* values FEEDBACK_SELECT, FEEDBACK_INSERT_BEFORE and/or FEEDBACK_INSERT_AFTER.
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      • paramString

        protected java.lang.String paramString()
        Param-string is overridden in super classes.
        paramString in class PasteFeedback