Class MultiPropEditor

  • public class MultiPropEditor
    extends java.lang.Object
    The property editor that edits either a single property group, or individual items. This editor is used for border, outline, etc, where a single property applies to all sides of a rectangle, or each individual one.

    This editor has an expansion sign to the right of the text.

    Christopher Mindus
    • Method Detail

      • setBackgroundColor

        public void setBackgroundColor​( c)
        Sets the background color at focus.
      • dispose

        public void dispose()
        Disposes of this instance.
      • isExpanded

        public boolean isExpanded()
        Check is it is expanded.
        true of expanded, false if collapsed.
      • setExpanded

        public void setExpanded​(boolean on,
                                boolean redraw)
        Sets the expansion state.
      • getEditAreaHeight

        public int getEditAreaHeight()
        Gets the size of the edit-area without surrounding lines. A single line is 16px, two lines require 2*16px+one separator line 1px (=33px), i.e. each line is 17px but first is 16px.
      • getItems

        public java.lang.String[] getItems()
        Gets the item texts.
      • getErrorLevel

        public int getErrorLevel()
        Gets the maximum error level.