Interface IELayoutMgr<LAYOUT_PROP extends LayoutProp>

    • Method Detail

      • getPropertyEditorLayoutDataSetup

        java.lang.Object[] getPropertyEditorLayoutDataSetup()
        Gets the layout data settings for a component.
        The layout additional objects, or null for none.
      • createDefaultLayoutProp

        LAYOUT_PROP createDefaultLayoutProp​(UIComp uiComp)
        Creates the default LayoutProp to use for a new component that is inserted directly into the UIComps container.
        uiComp - The component requesting the default layout property.
        A new instance of the layout data of this layout manager.
      • getCompsCnr

        UIComps getCompsCnr()
        Gets the container associated with this layout manager and the UI container.
        The UI components container.
      • getUIComps

        UIComp[] getUIComps()
        Gets all components for the container of the layout manager.
        The components in the container for the layout manager.
      • getLayoutDataClass

        java.lang.Class<LAYOUT_PROP> getLayoutDataClass()
        Gets the layout data class.
      • isCNVisible

        default boolean isCNVisible()
        Checks if a property should be included in the view or if it's hidden or filtered out.
        Default is false, override to display in tree.
      • isReplaceable

        default boolean isReplaceable()
        Checks if this layout manager is replaceable by another.
        By default, the layout managers are not replaceable, so this method must be overridden.
      • layoutNewComponents

        default org.eclipse.core.runtime.IStatus layoutNewComponents​(java.util.List<UIComp> components,
                                                                     ComplexOperation op)
        Called to perform layout of the newly added components.
        components - The new components.
        op - The complex operation.
        Status of the operation.