Interface IEditorActionActorSettings

    • Method Detail

      • getActorImage getActorImage()
        Gets the image to use.
      • canGoto

        default boolean canGoto()
        Returns if the actor settings provides a way to go to the element in question.
        true if this is possible.
      • getGotoText

        default java.lang.String getGotoText()
        Gets the go to text that will be displayed in the UI.
        A text to be used, null for default.
      • gotoActionActorDefinition

        default void gotoActionActorDefinition​(org.eclipse.swt.widgets.Shell shell)
        Goes to the actor definition. Override to provide functionality. This method will only be called if canGoto() returns true.
        shell - A shell instance of the requestor.
      • doEditActorSettings

        default boolean doEditActorSettings()
        Returns the Designer editability of the settings in the properties dialog box as provided by default for the Action Actors. A data connector being an action actor could provide its own settings editor.
        true if the default Action Actors Edit settings should be provided or not. Override to return false.
      • getPropertyEditorSetup

        default PropertyEditorSetup getPropertyEditorSetup()
        Gets the Setup used for iiziGo, subclasses must override and provide their instance.
        The PropertyEditor setup data, or null to use the one from VirtualSpaceEditor.
      • getDetails

        java.lang.String getDetails()
        Gets details for this action actor.
        A string used in Eclipse details column for the Action Actors table.
      • needsRefreshButton

        default boolean needsRefreshButton​(org.eclipse.swt.widgets.Control control,
                                           java.lang.Runnable refresh)
        Checks if fixed settings can be provided or not. If e.g. a class name is entered, the properties that is shown in the dialog box are taken from the Java code, and in this case, a refresh is needed.
        control - Shell to listen to when destroyed.
        refresh - Method to call to enable refresh button.
        true in order to show the button "Refresh properties" (will appear in the dialog box), false not to do so.

        Default is to return false.

      • getFixedSettings

        default java.util.ArrayList<PropertyEditorInfo> getFixedSettings()
        Gets fixed settings for the container.
        null (default) for property based, otherwise an array of the editable properties.