Package com.iizigo.vs

Interface INewVSComponentWizardInfo

    • Method Detail

      • getTitle

        default java.lang.String getTitle()
        Gets the title.
        The title for the page, or null for default.
      • getDescription

        default java.lang.String getDescription()
        Gets the description.
        The description of the page, or null for default.
      • getRequestedName

        default java.lang.String getRequestedName()
        Gets the requested name.
        null if no name is requested.
      • setRequestedName

        default void setRequestedName​(java.lang.String requestedName)
        Sets the requested name.
        requestedName - null if no name is requested.
      • isComponentSelectable

        default boolean isComponentSelectable()
        Returns if the VS component should be selectable or not.
        false by default in order to create a new one.
      • registerRequestedNameListener

        default void registerRequestedNameListener​(java.lang.Runnable nameListener)
        Registers a requested name listener.
      • getValueType

        Value.Type getValueType()
        Returns the value type where this applies (for VS Field and VS Column Header).
      • setValueType

        void setValueType​(Value.Type valueType)
        Sets the value type where this applies (for VS Field and VS Column Header).
        valueType - The new value type.
      • isChooseTypeAllowed

        boolean isChooseTypeAllowed()
        Returns if the user is allowed to choose type.
      • isNullAllowed

        java.lang.Boolean isNullAllowed()
        Returns if null is allowed.
        null to enable user to choose, otherwise Boolean.TRUE or Boolean.FALSE to disable user choice and use this setting.
      • setNullAllowed

        void setNullAllowed​(boolean isNullAllowed)
        Sets the null allowed flag.
      • doCreateDefaultValue

        boolean doCreateDefaultValue()
        Returns if a default value should be created.
      • getUndoRedo

        IPropUndoRedo getUndoRedo()
        Gets the undo/redo instance.