Installing iiziGo Designer

This document describes how to check that you have an appropriate Java installation of a supported version, how to install Eclipse and then the iiziGo Designer. This document also shows how you may add iiziGo to an existing Eclipse installation, as long as it is a 64-bit Eclipse Photon 4.8 or better.

Right now, only Windows and macOS is supported for the iiziGo Designer, but we are working on a Linux GTK3 version. All versions are available for download, but the Linux version is not completely tested yet. Use it at your own risk.


The following environments requirements apply to the iiziGo Designer installation based on Eclipse.

Operating system

Only 64 bit operating systems are supported:


Java must be a Java Development Kit, JDK, in a 64 bit version:


Eclipse must be of a 64 bit version, Eclipse Photon or better, but we highly recommend Eclipse 2019-12 (version 4.14) or better.

Checking Java version

If Java is not installed on your machine, please do so using e.g. the Java JDK version 11 or better from here.


Open a Command Prompt (cmd.exe) and enter the commands:

java.exe -version
javac.exe -version

This is the typical output:


Open a terminal window and enter the commands:

java -version
javac -version

This is the typical output:

Installing Eclipse

Install an Eclipse 64 bit version from the Eclipse Downloads page, by clicking on the Download 64 bit button. This will present you with a page to select the Download Mirror from where to download the Eclipse Installer.


Once downloaded, the installer file for Windows named eclipse-inst-win64.exe should just be launched.


The installer file for macOS is named eclipse-inst-mac64.dmg. Open it from downloads:

This will open a window where you can launch the installer app itself:

Double-click to start it.

The Eclipse Installer

The Eclipse installer is the same for all operating systems:

Installer Update required?
Check the top of the installer window to see if there an exclamation mark just below the program menu on the top right side of the window as shown here (surrounded by a red rounded rectangle):

The exclamation mark above indicates the installer needs some kind of updating. Open the program menu and select appropriate action.

Choose Eclipse Product Packaging
Select your desired packaging, e.g. Eclipse for Java Developers from the list of available product installations. The following window is displayed:

Complete the installation program.

Existing Eclipse installation

You may also install iiziGo Designer into an existing 64 bit Eclipse installation, e.g. Eclipse Photon or better under Windows or macOS.

Drag the Install button below into your Eclipse workspace to install iizi:

Drag to your running Eclipse* workspace. *Requires Eclipse Marketplace Client

Once you drop the Install button in the workspace, the following dialog is shown:

Select the features you with to install and press Confirm >.

Right now, only Windows and macOS versions are supported for the Designer, but we are working on a Linux GTK3 version.

You may also perform this operation on a Linux GTK3 installation, but it's not completely tested yet. Use it at your own risk.


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