Installing iiziGo Designer

All iiziGo Designer installations are available for the following operating systems:

The iiziGo Designer is based on Eclipse 2024-06 M2 (4.32) for Java Developers and for comes with a 64-bit version of Java OpenJDK 22.0.1 (Eclipse Temurin, JustJ).


The following environments requirements apply to the iiziGo Designer installation based on Eclipse.

Operating system

Only 64 bit operating systems are supported:


Java must be a Java Development Kit or version 21 LTS or better, as a Full JDK, in a 64 bit architecture (x86_64 or AArch64), preferably OpenJDK "Temurin" from Eclipse.

Eclipse IDE

You can run the IIZI platform and/or iiziGo Designer from an existing Eclipse IDE installation, with the requirements as shown below:

Please visit Eclipse for more information.

To install IIZI into Eclipse IDE, go to Eclipse Marketplace for IIZI, drag the Install button into your Eclipse workspace.

Once you drop the Install button in the workspace, the following dialog is shown:

Select the features you with to install and press Confirm >.

Documentation and Guides

The main IIZI site is