4.2.0 Build 17780

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IIZI 4.2.0 Build 17780

This build was created 2024-07-04 21:52:29 and contains multiple types of the IIZI platform, based on Eclipse IDE 2024-06 (4.32), all including a full version of OpenJDK 22.0.1 (Eclipse Temurin - JustJ).

Installations for Linux, macOS and Windows operating systems are provided for the iiziGo Designer. Please note that the most stable iiziGo Designer environment is Windows, followed by macOS and then Linux.

Click on the links below to download the appropriate version.

iiziGo Designer for Windows (64-bit)

When the installer executable is launched, it will create a desktop folder containing a shortcut to iiziGo and links to on-line documentation. Uninstallation is done using the Windows Control panel or from the Windows Settings. The signed Jar file is extracted to any location you wish, and you must create the program shortcut to iiziGo.exe yourself.

iiziGo Designer for macOS

The macOS installation is done by opening the .dmg disk image, then you drag the iiziGo app icon to requested location, such as Applications, or to the Desktop.

The raw macOS '.tar.gz' files are also present as built by Eclipse (Tycho) in case a DMG installation fails. Extract the file in question to a location of your choice.

iiziGo Designer for Linux

The Linux .tar.gz archive is extracted to any directory, generally of the User's home directory, e.g. '~/iizigo'. Then the shortcut icon is created using the shell script file '~/iizigo/add-icon.sh' (and removed using '~/iizigo/remove-icon.sh').


The iiziServer is a generic version in a signed Jar file that only needs unpacking. It can be used on any OS supporting Java SE 17 or better using 64-bit.

iiziApp Samples Workspace

The iiziApp Samples Workspace is a signed Jar file that only needs unpacking. It contains an iiziGo Workspace of Samples with source code. Once the Jar file has been extracted to a location of your choice, you can open the iiziGo Workspace named 'iiziSamplesWorkspace' at that location. It contains the sample projects named CarPooling, CarRental, Demo, Pokemon GO IV Calculator and SignIn.

iiziGo Designer Update Site

Install iiziGo in Eclipse

Please follow this link on how to install iiziGo into a new or existing Eclipse installation.

Documentation and Guides

The main IIZI site is https://www.iizi.co/.