iizi 1.6.0 Build 15535

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iizi 1.6.0 Build 15535

This build was created 2021-05-13 03:12:56 and contains multiple types of the iizi platform, based on Eclipse IDE 2021-03 (version 4.19).

Windows and macOS operating systems are supported for the iiziGo Designer.

Click on the links below to download the appropriate version.

iiziGo Designer for Windows (64-bit)

Follow the following link for information on how to install iiziGo Designer under Windows (64-bit):

iiziGo Designer for macOS


The iiziServer is a generic version in a signed Jar file that only needs unpacking. It can be used on any OS supporting Java SE 11 or better (32- or 64-bit, although 64-bit is recommended).

iiziGo Designer Update Site

Install iiziGo in Eclipse

Please follow this link on how to install iiziGo into a new or existing Eclipse installation.


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